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Stewart Litvack

Associé / Partner, Litvack Dessureault

Stewart Litvack is a practicing trial lawyer with a deep knowledge of Estate, Trust, and Family law in Quebec. He has had the privilege of representing various clients in diverse and complex Family, Estate and Elder Abuse proceedings, navigating the intricacies of the law with a blend of empathy and precision.

Stewart is honored to contribute to the community through his association with Tel Aviv University, where he serves on the Board of Governors, and as the Regional Chair of TAU Canada (Eastern Canada), a role he cherishes for the opportunities it offers in fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing.

Stewart has had the opportunity to present cases before the Superior Court of Quebec and the Court of Appeal and has argued and succeeded in a landmark case before the Supreme Court of Canada in a matter intertwining aspects of Family law, Estate law, and Trusts.

In his pursuit to give back to the legal community, Stewart has initiated the development of DossierDirect, a legal software still in its embryonic stage. This venture seeks to augment the efficiency of legal environments for professionals and clients alike. It is Stewart’s modest hope that DossierDirect might someday act as a refined junior lawyer in Estate and Family law domains, meticulously gathering relevant details and delivering flawless outputs instantaneously. The exploration of AI integrations in the platform is a step toward blending technological innovation with legal acumen to create solutions that are both advanced and practical.

Stewart’s journey is driven by a passion for contributing to the evolution of legal practices and exploring the synergies between longstanding legal principles and emerging technological innovations.