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Sam Scalia

President, Samcon

As founder and president of Samcon a real estate development firm specializing in urban infill projects, Sam Scalia leads the planning, design, and development of residential and mixed-use developments across Montreal. Since 1991 Samcon has designed, developed and sold over 5000 condos of new infill residential and semi-commercial projects.

Samcon has helped spark the revival of several Montreal neighborhoods with brand new condos and apartments that have enabled numerous Montrealers to become homeowners and tenants.

Samcon is using renewable resources in their construction and aims to catalyze a long-term transformational change.

The increased use of wood as a low carbon building material and the use of advanced wood-based products such as Mass Timber (up to 18 floors) in new construction to replace conventional construction materials in buildings to lower the building’s carbon footprint.

Samcon’s work is known for creating thriving urban spaces incorporating new urbanist principles, quality design and construction, and a commitment to the public realm. Samcon was awarded the prestigious APCHQ “Builder of the Year” award four times and has received multiple Awards including “Customer Choice Award”(APCHQ quebec home builder association), and “Entrepreneur of the year” by ERNST & YOUNG.