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Mr. Mickael Kanfi

Operating Partner, Inerjys Ventures

Mick founded Twist Image in 2000, a design studio that later grew into one of the largest Digital Marketing agencies in Canada and which was later acquired by WPP in 2014. As an entrepreneur who successfully managed an exit, Mick has seen all sides of the entrepreneurship journey. Throughout his career, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies in developing business strategies and marketing plans, helping them transform their companies into the digital age. As an operator who has personally touched all aspect of the business, he spearheaded the creation of new brands, launched global marketing campaigns and oversaw the design and development of many digital platforms.  For the past 8 years, Mick has sat on charitable and early-stage investment Boards, and has mentored 100s of entrepreneurs in various industries.

With his 18 years of professional services experience, at Inerjys Ventures he is responsible for operations, including investing and portfolio management. Mick not only brings his entrepreneurial experience but also the insights and learnings across the diverse range of industries he has worked with over his career. This broad experience is instrumental in helping the Inerjys portfolio companies with their commercialization challenges across industry verticals, while also advancing the growth of the Inerjys team and portfolio.