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James Bloomfield

Co-Founder & CEO, Moda Match

James Bloomfield is the co-founder and CEO of the A.I. Apparel Technology startup Moda Match. A fashion startup executive, James helped found Moda Match over 5 years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel with the goal of bringing the most advanced A.I. technology to the apparel industry, a market valued globally at over one trillion dollars. He previously successfully exited a fashion startup, learning first hand about the technological gaps within the industry.

James is passionate about leveraging the latest technologies and reducing waste in a hugely polluting industry. Moda Match hosts a suite of A.I. powered solutions addressing some of the most pressing needs and pain points within the apparel space. With sophisticated technology and a cutting edge technical team, Moda Match has launched globally, helping retailers to increase ecommerce sales, produce dynamic imagery and reduce return rates.

With years of experience in leadership roles and international philanthropic endeavors, James brings a true entrepreneurial mindset to his work – determination, perseverance, attentiveness, and a deep understanding of his customers’ needs.